The Open House Program For Churches
2017 Prices

During your Church's Anniversary Year, why not get the community to come into your church and see all of the things your church has to offer? This program was developed when I served as a Minister of Church Growth. The church averaged 140 in Sunday Morning Worship. In one day, we had 585 Visitor-Prospects come into the church and register their attendance. In the 6 Sundays that followed, more people joined the church than had joined in any full year in the last 8 years. Our Sunday Morning Worship average attendance jumped to 185 and began a period of growth in the church.

The program involves a fun family day of activities including free pony rides, free hot dog lunch, free games to play and win a prize every time, etc. Every activity that takes place in the church has its own display. The program includes eleven (11) types of publicity to advertise the event; how to get lots of freebies; many church growth ideas; a fantastic follow-up program that really works; all of the administrative and organizational plans to make the event as easy as possible AND get great results. The program costs $59.95 plus $11.95 shipping and handling.

Your church will never be the same again after using The Open House Program For Churches! Wouldn't it be great to reach more people for Christ than ever before during your Church Anniversary Year? To God Be The Glory!