Many times churches and organizations want to have Cookbooks without going through the process of begging people to turn in receipes, collecting them, typing them, proofing them, submitting them and proofing the cookbook again. This process can take from 4 to 5 months. If this is your situation, we have the answer for you! Get a Stock Cookbook with your Church or Organization's name on the front cover. This option can be ready in less than a month with no work.


  OPTION # 1 - Use the stock cover as pictured above with your Church Anniversary information at the bottom of the page. The imprint area is 4 1/2" wide X 1 1/2" high.

  OPTION # 2 - You design the whole front cover with any imprint that you desire. You could have a picture of your church with your church name, the Anniversary number and dates, and any other information which you desire. The imprint area is 4 3/4" wide X 8" high in a 4 color process. If you go with this cover option, your artwork must be at least 300 dpi to size. This includes 30 minutes of artwork time. Beyond that, the cost is $48.00 per hour prorated.

Some of the titles are as follows:

Great Recipes From
Alabama     Alaska     Arizona     Arkansas     California     Delaware     Florida     Georgia     Hawaii     Idaho     Illinois     Indiana     Iowa     Kansas     Kentucky     Louisiana     Maryland     Michigan     Minnesota     Mississippi     Missouri     Montana     Nebraska     Nevada     New England     New Jersey     New Mexico     New York     North Carolina     North Dakota     Ohio     Oklahoma     Oregon     Pennsylvania     South Carolina     South Dakota     Tennessee     Texas     Utah     Virginia     Washington     West Virginia     Wisconsin     Wyoming


The Good Carb Cookbook
Low Fat Cooking
The Diabetic Cookbook
Recipes for Healthy Eating
Cooking for the Heart
The Barbecue Cookbook
Cajun Cooking
Kids in the Kitchen
Holidays At Home Cookbook
America's Best Receipes
The Tailgater's Cookbook
Other Books Available
Forever Fit ( A Guide for the Senior Lifestyle)
A Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle
The Home Information Book
The Kids Book for Food, Fitness and Fun
A Walker's Daily Log



Church Ministry Enhancers has worked with a company for years doing Custom Cookbooks. Our Mission Statement is to give churches and other customers the best prices and service that we can find available. We have just found another company that beat our prices and quality, so we refer you to them. You can contact them directly ( or any other company ) if you have a need for Custom Cookbooks.

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